Are you looking for support for your creative small business?

The Nutmeg Collective strives to bring together a network of the most authentic of small and micro businesses: the makers, the artists, the curators, the creative minds across Connecticut. Our goal is to support the needs of the makers, through our extensive network of businesses owners and their support staff. We offer open discussion, shop and show feedback, collaborative cross promotion and exclusive workshops geared toward small and micro businesses.

Benefits of membership

  • Members have access to a forum filled with advice, feedback, and support from other creatives
  • Meet-ups and social events allow members to get to know each other in person
  • Live and online workshops help members gain knowledge in areas such as social media, business structure, bookkeeping, and organization.
  • Access to information regarding local craft shows and local gift shops helps members expand their customer base
  • Public sharing of your small business over multiple online platforms


our membership criteria:

CT-based business with a ct tax id number

high-quality handmade products or vintage collection

entrepreneurial aspirations

original creations in a cohesive collection

active social media presence across multiple platforms

clean, aesthetically-pleasing photographs

“I joined the Collective last year thinking it would provide good networking opportunities for my brand-new business. It absolutely has done that...but’s so much more!!! Within this group, I feel like I have finally found “my people”- folks just like me who are independent, hard-working, serious creative types who take their businesses seriously. They think outside the box in terms of growth and are constantly looking for new ways to gain exposure for our work. We share experiences and best practices in order to support each other. We lift each other up when we need a boost and celebrate each others’ successes. We are FUNNY and honest and REAL! We’re a resource of incredibly diverse experience, knowledge and talent. I highly recommend this group to any creative entrepreneur with a superior original product and skill. I have no doubt that my membership in the Collective has helped my business immeasurably and I am forever proud and grateful to be a part of this great organization.”
— Denise O'Reilly, Owner/Artist, The Burnt Shop