The Nutmeg Collective came about from one simple idea: that there were people out there in the state that had information on craft shows and maker events, and they needed to be found. What evolved from that turned into so much more.

"Initially I joined the Collective for the business advice and connections to shows....but I quickly learned that the genuine pleasure of meeting like minded people and forging friendships with these fellow artists was the true gold mine!" - Tracy Weed, owner of They Tiny Wren

"I wanted to be part of a local Artisan community that encourages creativity, supports and promotes fellow artist/crafters." - Gracia aka The Leather Genie

The Nutmeg Collective began as a small community team named Hartbeat on Etsy, the popular online handmade shopping site.  Etsy teams are formed around a common thread, and Team Hartbeat was established for Hartford-based makers.  As Hartbeat was refined and the makers were encouraged to interact, something very special happened - the members of the group started to become friends and started chatting business and beyond.  We expanded our membership to include makers outside of the Hartford area, and then again to include those who don't sell on Etsy.  The name "Hartbeat" no longer fit, and working to encompass both the local vibe and the community feel, we became The Nutmeg Collective.

"When we were first contacted by the Collective, we had no idea what a great experience we would come to know. Initially we joined to learn as much as possible about marketing specific to Connecticut. We have learned much; but beyond that, we are really glad for the opportunity to support the members as we all work toward our individual goals." - Vivienne and Vinny Simone, owners of The Toy Box by Vinny

Today, the group has evolved into so much more than we could ever have dreamed.  The individuals who make up this group are some of the hardest-working, most innovative, hilarious and kind people you will ever meet.  We operative as a collaborative family unit, exchanging information on just about anything you could wish to know about running a creative business, but also learning about each others' backgrounds, families, pets, and interests.  We support each other through frustrations and celebrate triumphs.  Inside jokes abound.  We never could have guessed that by trying to find the best craft shows, we would actually build the most amazing maker community.

"We moved to Connecticut a few years ago, not knowing anything about the area. The Nutmeg Collective has been invaluable in helping us find great resources and shows (and awesome people) in our new home state!" - Kelly and Richard, owners of Our Secret Treehouse

"I decided to join the Collective because a good friend of mine had joined the year before and had nothing but good things to say. I was just starting my business and had so many questions. I was told they could help me with anything from photographing my product, to marketing my product, to suppliers for raw material, to advice on how to deal with difficult customers, to.....Over the past year I have found that the Collective is crazy supportive! They have more than lived up to the description I was given." - Amber Jordan, Madelily Bags

We welcome you and encourage you to find out more about our members, and come visit the journal often for a behind-the-scenes view into maker life.