Visual Brand Coaching


Visual Brand Coaching


Ever see a photo in your Instagram feed and know exactly who posted it without looking even at the username?  Or see a product shared online and know whose it is?  That’s the power of good visual branding. 

Let's grab a coffee and narrow down the overall brand aesthetic you want to achieve within your social media and website content.  Together we will work to create a unique and identifiable brand that speaks directly to your ideal client: a visual voice.  

In this one-on-one branding session, we will work together to determine who your ideal customer is and how to stylize your business to make it visually appealing to that customer.  We will break down who you are as a business, and analyze your ideal customer in order to determine your overall brand vision. Additionally, you’ll learn how to create and curate visuals that appeal to your audience which will increase your engagement and ultimately, your revenue. 

What this package includes:

-   Branding worksheets to delve into and analyze your overall aesthetic

-  Worksheets to identify your ideal customer, which help develop a profile of their traits, lifestyle, and interests

-  One in-person coaching session with Alonda Baird-Juhasz of ABStyled to fine-tune your voice by creating a visual identity and strategy plan

-  A digital style board to visualize your brand identity for social media

-  One follow-up session approximately four weeks later, via Skype or phone, to review the development of the brand, finalize details and answer additional questions

-  Credit towards a branded content creation photo shoot

-  Bonus: help with tailoring your brand to social media apps and Instagram tips


In person meeting is within a 30 mile radius from Stratford office. Additional travel will incur mileage surcharge. Meetings can be offered as a Skype or phone call in lieu of travel.

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