For New Members to The Nutmeg Collective

Welcome!  This page will help you get acquainted with the group.


Member forum

Our Facebook forum is for our members only. We want our members to be able to share openly and honestly so we ask each member to please keep this shared information within the confines of the group.  The forum is also not a place for promotions.


members' ONLY resources

Our website has a password-protected area just for members that contains local resources and show information.  Please do not share this page or the password with anyone outside the membership.  Doing this devalues the Collective.

The 2019 password is NC2019


Member discount

One of the benefits of membership is a discount to other member shops.  If you would like to add a discount (totally optional) please fill out the form below.  Set your coupon code as NUTMEG2018.  The full list of discounts can be accessed in the members' area.


Nutmeg Social Media

Please follow us on Instagram at We use #nutmegcollective and #ctmade as group hashtags, which makes it easier for us to find your photos.

Please like our Facebook page as well.


CT maker community

The CMC is our free public maker group on Facebook, which you are welcome to also be a part of.  Members do not need to fill out the application questions.


2019 Member graphic

Feel free to save this graphic for use on social media, your website, etc.  Designed by the fabulous Cyn Thomas of RiverDog Prints.

Printed member cards will also be mailed to you for use on social media and for in-person displays.